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About Us

Who we are

The Ibhayisikopo Film project was established in 2010 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and remains based in the country’s second-largest city and its film and creative industry capital. The project came into being as a result of the challenges women faced in the creative industry especially the film and Media with regards to training and producing films that tell their story and earn household-sustaining income from the content they create. Since independence, the film industry has been dominated by males making the participation of women and access to equipment almost impossible. This has resulted in a serious gender gap in the film industry with most production houses in Zimbabwe pushing the interests of men and their stories on.

Strategic Objectives

To raise awareness of the challenges facing women and girls such as gender-based violence, sex-based discrimination and denial of equal rights and  opportunities.

To tackle the negative and stereotypical portrayals of women in the media and film industry.

To build the capacity of young women and girls in the production of films which inspire the confidence of women and girls in themselves.

To contribute to the transformation of societal norms that oppress women.

To provide an entertainment and educational platform for women and girls to tell their stories.


A world in which women and girls use media, film in particular, to empower themselves and the communities around them.


Ibhayisikopo Film Project is a women-led film project organisation that uses the power of media and film to advance gender equality, justice and equity through the use of media and film. We unearth and tell women‘s stories in ways that undermine traditional gender stereotypes and societal norms that are the root causes of the oppression of women and girls. At the core of our work is how women are perceived and portrayed through the media and film and what stories are covered and how they advance women‘s development.